Hillary Lu

Woodbury University - Architecture

Advisor/Instructor: Berenika Boberska

Vertical aquaponics is a farming system in which plants are grown in long, narrow canals. The NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) aquaponics approach is used. The setting is what makes the difference. While the grow channels in the NFT system are defined horizontally, they are designed vertically in vertical aquaponics.


You might be curious as to why this so-called lake is located in the heart of one of Los Angeles’ oldest communities. Angelino Heights, a remarkable collection of Victorian homes exhibiting a remarkably well-preserved Victorian-era neighborhood, is just a couple of streets away. Even older, Echo Park


Water quality scientists regularly take a small boat out into the middle of the lake, according to Heather Johnson of Los Angeles Sanitation. The boats take instrument readings and

water samples, measuring pH, temperature, conductivity, clarity, chlorophyll, and solids, among other things. A real-time monitoring system takes measures every fifteen minutes and saves them to a centralized database where they can be seen in real time.


To limit algae growth, floating plants such as lilies and lotus provide shade and reduce direct sunlight in the pond. Submerged plants including anacharis, hornwort, and parrot’s feathers deliver oxygen into the water. All aquatic plants consume nutrients, depriving algae of food. Green water may appear after the initial plant introduction, but it will only last a short time. Marginal plants that have been established might be planted along the pond’s perimeter or in shallow areas.


Lake began as a drinking water reservoir in the 1860s, when Los Angeles was densely inhabited with farms and ranches.

Aquaponics is a growing farming system that combines aquaculture, or fish farming, and hydroponics, the method of growing plants without soil. The two systems work together to create a closed-loop that produces food without depleting any resources from the environment. Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system in which the waste from the fish tanks provides nutrients for the plants,and in return, oxygen from the plants helps fish thrive. Aqua-ponics can be done on an individual scale or as part of a commercial operation.


A vertical aquaponic system is a great technique to grow plants in columns above a fish tank without using soil. Because it is water-efficient and space-saving, this method of planting and raising fish has grown popular among aquaponic gardeners. Furthermore, compared to media-based systems with the same area, it allows growers to produce twice as many harvests.