Layza Raxon

El Camino College

Profesor: Marc Yeber

In Awe of Flaws is an attempt of park reactivation by highlighting the “eyesore” as a defining beauty. Time and the weather has not been in favor of the railroad. Yet, underneath still lies its once pristine metal.

In Awe of Flaws

In Awe of Flaws is a redesign of an area in Torrance Park in Torrance,California. This park holds so much history yet it is greatly ignored and inactive. This project challenges us to reactivate and create multipurpose spaces that could bring the Torrance community together.

In our site, sits a railroad track for Pacific Electric. This railroad crosses through the city of Torrance and fractures the geometry of the city.I took this geometry and created my concept of a fractured structure. Drawing inspiration from the nearby railroad and its rust patina, this design tells the story of a fractured, broken, unused object but hidden beneath the rust still lies its former beauty.

Site Plan
Floor Plan

This proposal includes several spaces with different intended uses, some public and some private.The large performance spaces contain large and wide steps that can be used as both steps and seating. There are several entrances to the area, entering from the exterior of the park to the interior of the park.

Elevations Sections

In the first half of the main building, there are uses for conference meetings, study lounges, small exhibitions, and more. The other half of the building holds spaces for more exhibitions, gardens, private events and more. This building is “broken” up by a transitional space surrounded by glass.


Inspired by the art of kintsugi, the japanese art of broken dishes, ceramics, and pottery being fixed together with gold. This art rather than hiding the fractures and flaws of the piece instead highlight them as a new form of beauty. In a way this fracture in the building is the highlight and allows for the light of the sun to penetrate through mimicking the glistening of gold.

This motif of fracturedness follows through in the site’s public performance space. The events can be held inside the structure for smaller displays, and if needed the space can be extended to the outside where spectators can sit on the stairs admiring from above.

Its location at the Southwest corner of the park is an ideal location with the quite active circulation of pedestrians and vehicles. This allows anyone passing by to catch a glimpse and acknowledge the site’s presence.