Student Name: Marilyn Linh Pham

School: California State University, Long Beach

Studio: Design 441B Thesis

Instructor: Dorothy Ottolia

The Hope Center is breast cancer center located in downtown Los Angeles. It provides a top of the art research center and awareness program for those interested. Visitors will have the most relaxed and comfortable experiences with most advanced equipment. The Hope Center will also provide a program for survivors to adapt to post-treatment life.

3. Ideation Sketch

The Hope Center will be the newest center for cancer treatment and prevention, which focus solely on breast cancer. The center provides a top of the art research cancer for those interested. It provides highly qualified and skillful doctors, nurses, and medical technicians, latest technology available, and most importantly, a friendly, family environment to ensure the patients have the most comfortable and most effortless transition, treatment, and recovery. The medical staffs and the patients together are the main users of the center. 

1. Floor Plan Layout

The Hope Center is designed and built to support the needs of those who are seeking help or more information about breast cancer. Patients come to the center will have the most relaxed and comfortable treatment program customized individually. After the treatment, the Hope Center will also provide a program for survivors to adapt to post-treatment lives. Any treatment is agony to go through; however, breast cancer could be the most suffering among them, especially for women, because part of the treatment could involve removing a womanhood body part.  The survivor would have to live a life without a breast or even both of them. Physically and psychologically, that is a devastated and challenging fact to handle. The Hope Center will provide a location, an environment for all breast cancer survivors to come, get treated, and gather to share their survival experiences. 

2. Section Perspective

The Hope Center will provide multi-functional areas for breast cancer related, including the welcome center, awareness center, therapy wellness and nutrition center, treatment center, family center, and survivor center.

Each center will be an individual center and operate separately from the others to ensure that everyone can be admit and use the provided programs. For example, one does not have to be an admitted patient to use the education or research center.

4 - Isometric view

The education center will provide educational programs to help women to be aware of cancer from a very early stage. The education center will also provide screening and prevention resources, including genetic counseling combined with breast imaging technology for accurate, comprehensive diagnostic treatment.

Patient’s psychology plays a crucial role in the treatment and recovery process; therefore, the therapy/wellness and nutrition center help patients to follow up during and after their treatment. It will help the patients better understand their bodies and minds to take care of themselves better.

6 - Perspective View_Stair

If surgical treatment is unavoidable, the Hope Center will also focus on addressing the scars and marks left after this this treatment stage. The Hope Center has an integrated plastic surgery and tattoo treatment center to help with the mitigation and allow the survivors to regain their social confidence and bring back the happy life. Ultimately, they can regain their confidence and live without the distress as a beautiful breast cancer survivor. 

7 - Perspective View_Inside Garden

The Hope Center also provides a most welcome, intriguing, and encouraging environment to the patients, the family members, and visitors.

9 - Perspective View_Survivor Center