Clay Holden Architects

Clay Holden Architects (CHA) is an internationally recognized and award-winning architecture and interior design firm founded in Los Angeles in 2016 by Clay Holden.

CHA focuses on the integration of architecture, interiors, landscape, and graphics/branding across their projects at all scales. Their design exploration targets a balanced approach to authentic materiality and color, fusing imagination and innovation with relevance and function to find clever solutions that address multiple issues simultaneously. As an interdisciplinary and collaborative design studio, they consistently challenge assumptions and push boundaries to progress the results of architectural practice by focusing on the physical qualities that bring architecture to life – the making and crafting, always with originality and authenticity down to the smallest detail.

CHA’s design contributions have been recognized with multiple international accolades including an AIA/LA Design Award, Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Honoree Award, an A’ Design Award, and has been featured in an array of international publications including The New York Times, Elle Decoration Germany, and California Style from Japan.

As evidenced through his extensive work with the AIA|LA, founder Clay Holden’s devotion and generosity to the profession has been a major theme throughout his career. Clay frequently volunteers on various boards, committees, and juries that support professional outreach and education, including AIA|LA, ACLA, LAUSD, 2×8 Exhibit & Scholarship, the 2×8 Endowment, and local schools. Clay has been a tireless leader and steward of the 2×8 program since its inception in 2002, helping to create 18 exhibitions, give away nearly $200,000 in student scholarships, mentor several young architect committee members, and co-found the 2×8 Endowment. Clay is a current & founding board member of ACLA – Architecture for Communities Los Angeles. The ACLA enhances public appreciation for architecture and design, both locally and internationally, through outreach to K-12 students and the many communities of Los Angeles, exhibitions, lectures, tours, films, and other programs that reveal the richness of the design arts.